Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different heat shrink packaging?

As heat shrink is used in many industry segments. KT provides several styles of packaging to cater to such different needs. For workshop use and to ensure your heat shrink is maintained clean and free from oil we recommend the use of our ‘Spool Mates’. This form of packaging is a box with a ‘Stock indicator’ to help you see when your stock shrink is getting low.

Mini Spool Mates are compact to ensure minimum use of space and a professional tidy look and are ideal for your retail environment. Containing a convenient quantity of heat shrink, the mini spool mates are the perfect solution for users.

1.2 M lengths of heat shrink are provided for Adhesive, Dual Wall, Medium Wall and Non-adhesive. Adhesive heat shrink lengths are more popular than standard heat shrink lengths as it is recommended that adhesive heat shrink should not be bent prior to use.

50M, 100M and 200M spools are supplied for your large users of heat shrink.

Heat Shrink Retail Blister packs are the perfect solution for a small counter display in store. Available in red and black heat shrink, these attract the end user who requires a small quantity of heat shrink.