Our Services

We work with our customers to guarantee an unsurpassed level of service. Our staff are available to talk to you personally and assist with any enquiry. Whatever you may require, KT Cables is here to service your needs.

Product Range

KT Cables has an amazing range of products and service a variety of industries including Government, Automotive, Marine, Electrical 240 Volt and Industrial. Check out our on-line catalogue to see the complete range. And if we don’t have it there, chances are we can probably help you find it!

Packaging and Delivery

We strive to provide you with the best freight and delivery options available with over 10 pick-ups daily. We offer a once off flat rate of $7.50 for local orders and a flat rate for all national orders of $15.00.

Custom Design

We specialise in the design and customising of wiring harnesses. Our professional in-house team will work with you to ensure that your harness meets your specific requirements and also has the KT Quality you have come to expect.

Marketing Support

We are constantly implementing new strategies to assist in the marketing of our products. We do this through a variety of communication mediums including New Product Releases, Innovations E-Zine, E-Alerts and KT Tubes. We can design customised promotional fliers to assist you in successfully selling KT products.

New Product Releases

These contain vital information about new product lines, technical data, general descriptions, product photos, part numbers, diagrams, barcodes and instructions for use.


This is an interactive magazine with feature stories, news and other information. It is the first e-zine of its kind for our industry.

KT Newsletter

This is electronic mail sent to our subscribers on a weekly basis containing monthly promotions, upcoming events, monthly specials, and general information about what is happening at KT. When subscribing to KT Newsletter, you will also receive new product releases, information regarding any new video releases to KT-Tubes, and previews of upcoming issues of the Innovations E-zine. KT Newsletter gives you the option of unsubscribing at any time, but simply clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.


This is a section on our home page where you will find video demonstrations on how to use selected KT products, services KT can provide, and general product information in video form.