View the performance and efficiency of your KT 48V Electrical Vehicle Solar Charging System with a simple touch of your phone, through the Smartphone Application, available for iphone and android. The Smartphone application allows you to view the Volts, Amps and Watts of your system, giving you a complete status of performance while you are on, or off the course. The system will report data in all lighting conditions.

  • Model No. KT70777

    Model No. KT70777

    Solar Panel 48V Single Cell, 160 Watt

    - Ideal for carts, service vehicles & resorts
    - Also operates on 36V systems
    - Premium quality MPPT solar controller (IP43 & IP22 Rated)
    - D.I.Y easy to install ‘EZY’ rail mounting system
    - Five accreditation certificates
    - Unique 144 cell 160 watt monocrystalline solar panel
    - Premium quality MPPT Solar Controller with optional ‘real time’
    volts/amps/watts for smartphone app
    - Fitting Kit: cable, circuit breaker, connectors, cable ties
    - Instruction manual included
    - 25 Year efficiency warranty / 3 year warranty on build & manufacture
    - Individually barcoded for warranty registration
    - Maintains and extends battery life / reduces sulphur buildup / D.O.D (depth of discharge) is reduced
    - Renewable energy source - do your part for the environment
    - No requirement to change roof, the panel fits directly to your current cart roof
    - Reduce 240 volt charging time & cost
    - Short, fast fitting procedure
    - Kit suitable for most major brands

    The KT Electric Vehicle Charging System is exclusive to KT SOLAR Australia and has been manufactured under our design specifications. The nominal voltage is higher than 48V, and when used in conjunction with the Victron controller (IP43 & IP22 Rated), exceptional results are achieved.

    How are these results achieved?
    The higher voltage is reduced to trickle charge a 48V battery bank in all lighting conditions from bulk to float charge mode. These results can be viewed on the smartphone app (an optional extra).

    When light intensity is changing continuously, an ultra-fast MPPT controller will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to slower controllers. The optimum power point curves are locked in. This system features eight pre-programmed algorithms giving 98% efficiency. Fully automatic.