This system suits prime mover truck cabin roofs, small commercial buses including Toyota coaster’s and is ideal for 24V large marine vessels.

This system works in conjunction with the Victron MPPT Solar Controller Unit. The panel is the higher nominal voltage than 24V, however the Victron controller automatically steps down to provide
the correct voltage and current.

  • Model No. KT70721

    Model No. KT70721

    Solar Panel Single Cell, 160 Watt, 24V with
    MPPT Solar Controller 100/15

    - Ideal for trucks, caravans & marine vessels - Premium quality MPPT solar controller 100/30 (IP43 rated) - D.I.Y easy to install ‘EZY’ rail mounting system - Five accreditation certificates - Unique 144 Cell 160 watt monocrystalline solar panel - Panel weight: 11.8Kg - 25 Year efficiency warranty / 3 year warranty on build & manufacture - Individually barcoded for warranty registration - Maintains and extends battery life / reduces sulphur buildup - Short, fast fitting procedure

    For the trucker who may be roadside for extended periods, off the road, or boaters on moorings.
    The KT Truck, Bus and Marine Charging System is exclusive to KT SOLAR Australia and has been manufactured under our design specifications. The nominal voltage is higher than 24V, and when used in conjunction with the Victron controller, exceptional results are achieved.

    The higher voltage is reduced to trickle charge a 24V battery bank in all lighting conditions from bulk to float charge mode. These results can be viewed on the smartphone app (an optional extra).